Tools for Makers

Author's Planner Journal

Designed to be used with Goodnotes 5, however it should work with other digital note taking or PDF markup apps.

This planner contains 5 sections:

• Wordcount: track 1 month of writing. Duplicate the page if you’d like to journal multiple months.

• Outline: lined paper for you to structure your own outline. Additional pages can easily be added in Goodnotes.

• Characters: the first two character sheets contain a blank lined sheet after them for additional notes, as they are intended to be for the main characters. Subsequent sheets are the single character sheet only for minor characters.

• Chapters: broken down to help you zero in on the true focus of the chapter, with space to draw or insert images.

• Notes: blank pages are included for sketching and mindmapping, as well as lined pages for freewriting and other notes.

Also note that the tabs at the top are linked to the various sections. They work best when used in read-only mode (the icon that looks like a crossed-out pen)

I hope you find this planner useful for your next project!


Digital Shopping List

Are you tired of jotting down your shopping list on random slips of paper, only to lose them by the time you get to the store? Do you love Goodnotes? Then check out this simple, colorful, hyperlinked shopping list optimized just for your phone.

On your phone, write notes with your finger, or with type tool. Or plan your lists on your iPad and view them at the store on your phone.


• Shopping List with 6 linked sections: Quick List, Produce, Meat/Deli, Aisles, Frozen and Household

• Shopping List with blank sections so you can create your own

• Stickers to allow you to cover and change just one section

• Optional checkbox page sticker

This shopping list has been designed to work with Goodnotes, but may also be used in other note-taking apps.

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